Time Is Of The Essence

In a money-filled world, it is very, very easy to get carried away. With so many billionaires and millionaires out there distracting us with their money, it’s very easy to focus on just that. We are almost forgetting another section of what makes them so wealthy. We know that in order to be wealthy, you have to be an incredible money manager. You know where to invest, when you invest, how to invest, in what amounts to invest  and learn to do so through great practice on a smaller scale. It really is an incredible thing. That’s why we have dedicated this entire post at the archive to your next lesson- The art of time management….

clockTime management really is an incredible thing. The richest of the rich in the world will delegate- down to the minute detail.Delegation really is the key to time management. Tony Robinson (recently in an interview)  said that it is the number-one thing that aspiring entrepreneurs do not do. Once it does not make sense for you to be doing a task anymore and makes more financial sense for you to find something else to do it, you should do it. Whether that’s hiring a kid to go the grocery store for you so you can work longer and harder on what you like to do, take out your trash and clean your house.  the wealthy do this too with things such as hiring builders to build their mansions, hiring money managers to find them new investments, and hiring great quality limo services (If you are looking for a great limo service that I used for a conference- Click here!).

It’s this bit about time management that most entrepreneurs don’t seem to take to heart. They think that because they’re managing every single last dollar down to the finest detail that they are doing things correctly and investing all the resources perfectly. We don’t know how much time they point towards the cause in that scenario. The reason why it’s so tough to start business is that most of your time must be dedicated solely to surviving. Nobody ever started a business that was dead- let’s put it that way. What I mean by this, is that we all have natural functions that we have to do every day such as sleep, eat, shower, clean ourselves, work out-  if we don’t do things surely we will be dead – it’s why we do them.

But, for the rest of the hours per week, it comes down to detailed time management. How can you do that if you want to be an entrepreneur? You could easily. Figure out how many waking hours you have per week from the total possible 160 hours that we all share. Odds are you’ll remove about 60 or so after natural causes is deducted. That means you have roughly hundred 110 hours per week to dedicate towards other things- that’s so much time huh??

When we think about  entrepreneurship like this, it is a lot easier to justify moon-lighting almost the same 40 hours a week to start your own business. I think this is the best method because not only does it challenge you to get out of that day job by working harder outside of your job, but you also have that financial security, until you are able to confirm that you have something going business-wise-  it’s also a cushion in case your idea doesn’t work.

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