The Saga: Visionary Martyr Vs. The Hybrid Vs. The Tester

WagonsWe have an awesome entrepreneurial post here at the Archive. What does this mean? You better get ready for some awesome tips! Anyways, this week I want to address what seems to be a big media  event today…. The suspension of Tom Brady!!! Whether you like the decision or not, isn’t the point of the article. What is the point of the article? Knowledge and the difference between what’s known, and what’s not. Tom got a tough batch of it, what does it mean for entrepreneurs…

What do I mean?? Most entrepreneurs are so scared to death by the all glorified version of the idea. I want to highlight some important topics on this post- the ever-going debate on if“pioneers get slaughtered, and settlers thrive”. This means that  those seeking out new markets and interesting niches take a huge risk of their idea not working, and going down with the ship. Settlers, who iterate based upon prior knowledge, work in the world of known. These type of people run contractor business’, carpet cleaning shops and limousine business’. Kind of like my friends biz-

They move forward based upon what is known, not new, untested and  unique markets. Now, I am not saying that the line is always black and white between the two types of entrepreneurial thinking, but they are very different. There is also a hybrid of the other two thoughts, which is the best one….. lets go into some more detail here…

So, most entrepreneurs  get some Utopian vision in their head about how their idea will work, and they push forward. They think that they will endlessly pursue this vision, this vision only and not change based on the market opportunities that they see. They are true martyrs, because these type of people typically get slaughtered. Why? Not knowing when or how to quit.  They lack of ability to change, and recognize a market if it slapped them in the face. Most people confuse legendary business people to be this kind of relentless person. People think  entrepreneurs  like Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban do this…. You have to see people for what they do, not what they say they do. Steve Jobs was once quoted as saying “don’t ask the people what they want, tell them what they waimages (1)nt”. Its such a catch 22 in saying this, because he’s a guy that never really did tell them what they want, if hes being entrepreneurial. His apple products always came out after leading technology. But people say, isn’t Steve Jobs a visionary… Well, to a point with his designs. But when you think about what he reallyDID, he’s the hybrid.

So what we know make really successful business people, is not black and white. If you try to use demographics in determining whether or not a business will succeed, you will not be correct in your assumptions. They (popular investors) say it’s not possible for couples to start business’. I know 10 examples the contrary. Women cant run businesses. The same, many examples the contrary. That being said, there is a dominance in Male, 20-somethings, that went to Stanford, studied computer science and did graduate work- They do have a greater chance of succeeding and becoming wealthy.

But we want to focus on the gray areas. Where the answers lie in between black and white. For this example, a hybrid entrepreneur is someone who doesn’t consider himself a martyr- they aren’t going to focus on one product, one plan and never deviate to be successful. The tester has a better shot at being successful, because he delves in the realm of the known, or what is relatively known. What is “relatively known”? For example,  do you think we will have automotive for the next 20 years? Yes, probably, unless their is a major disruptive technology advanced by an outward thinker. For the most part, road based autos will exist for the next 20 years. That being said, the tester uses this relatively known fact, to create an auto based business, tests his products, iterates from there.  They may even start a more relatively known business, one in which they know works. For example, someone starting a used car sales shop is this type of person. There is not many unknowns there, you find used cars, buy them low, sell them high. Millions of them already exist and all they have to do is compete to make money. Its as easy as that. But that person can still today, be successful beyond their wildest dreams…

But the hybrid… Stay tuned for how hybrids fork, in part 2….. Sorry for the TV timeout!

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