What About The Archive?

I’m sure many of you are pondering, what is L2 Archive? I’ll tell yah! My name is Dirky Moske. I am an entrepreneur. It makes me proud to say it really. My grandfather (A dairy farmer in Maryland), was my rock growing up, and I grew up poor. From that day on, I set out to build the ultimate archive- The L2 Archive!

The L2 Archive-Also called LL Archive- and archive of my knowledge on limiting loss (get it? LL???). Limiting your losses is important in starting business’s, investing in companies and many other areas. So what do I mean by limiting losses? If you have ever heard of “protecting the downside” or other literal financial terms, its along those lines. In general, your gonna have to read more to find out…Sorry.

If you do decide to read more, even though 28% of you statistically will not keep reading my blog from ehre on out, you wil lreap the benefits, I promise. I am going to teach you everything I know about limiting loss regression and helping you in your financial, entrepreneurial ways!

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